Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snohomish Soap Company

The best soap ever, made in Snohomish with love.

Spiritual Essence—Soothe your soul and spirit...

On the wings of a butterfly, Spiritual Essence is the realization born of a dream.  Our lotions, salt scrubs and bath salts have been carefully designed to make you feel good inside and out.  Products have been friend-tested and approved and now it is your turn to experience some Spiritual Essence.

Perriwinkle Rose

At Periwinkle Rose, our customers are our friends, co-workers, sisters and mothers. We want to give you the same comfort and style that we crave for ourselves. We think our customers deserve only the best and vow to treat them as we want to be treated; with courtesy and excellent customer service. We also believe in supporting other small businesses. That's why we source our candles from Big Dipper Wax Works and our laundry powder from companies such as La Bouquetiere and Forever New. We look forward to growing and sharing all that Periwinkle Rose has to offer.

Fired Glass Art

Only the finest to wear! Come take a peek and you definitely will find a gift for someone you love.

Customize Your Gifts

They specialize in transforming your special photographs into unique gifts to cherish forever!

Natural Clothing Company

Purchase Organic Clothing.

Keep your hands toasty warm.

Esoterica Candles the Soy Experience

Finders Key Purse

Find your keys in your purse any time.  Watch the Video below.  Great stocking stuffers.

Deer Mountain Alpacas

Fine goods from Deer Mountain Alpacas

Elaine La Femme

Art of Elaine LaFemme

Crafty Chicks is at Snohomish Holiday Market

Stop by to see us at the Market